Dustin U.

Dustin is a minimalism lover and a newcomer Blogger of the Instagram Community. He has a very good eye for clean style. Dustin is our Buddy in crime. He also took part in "The Raduga Art Archive" project as a Model. 

Dean T.

Dean is a creative individual Artist and Model. He took part in "The Raduga Art Archive". We love to work with Dean he is a good soul and is always up to new and crazy ideas. He can get into every single dress in the world. 


DJs are not seldom but a really good one is hard to find. We are still searching. This is Emre. He is DJ and a really good friend of us. He loves to listen to oriental sounds. Emre is part of the Community since the early days of Raduga Archives. In our Hometown Nuremberg he played already couple of times at some Festivals - of course he wore our shirt during he was doing.

Check his chilled beats at soundcloud.


Memo is the Founder of Raduga Archives. He manages almost everything. He is always up to new Co-operations with young artists. Get in touch with him.

Sveta R.

Sveta joined us in 2021. She lives in Moscow. Her portfolio is way longer than a receipt in a bar after a very long night with friends. She is a DJ and the founder of MONOLISTEN (vk.com/monolisten & t.me/monolisten) and a super creative mind. She loves to dance and is always open for crazy ideas. We are really excited where the journey will go with you and appreciate it a lot that we came in touch with you!