Friends will know first. We all feel a bit lost in this world not knowing where to go. It ́s not about fashion. I ́ts not about lifestyle. It ́s about what we feel at the moment. It ́s about the people we love. It ́s about friendship. The RADUGA art ARCHIVE magazine should in-spire you to remember the important things. To remember love. At least we are all living in this crazy world. It ́s not that we have answers but we are trying to make us great again. Where do you want to go?

What is the Raduga Art Archive?

People claim that the meaning of the color pink stands for romance and being girly and blue means for some peace and harmony. If you ask a boy to choose a color probably he will go for blue. But why? Who tells us what feminine and male is? In the end people can choose whatever they want. It does not matter. With the Raduga Art Archive we want to inspire you to abroad your mind. Of course boys can wear high heels - why not? 

Centuries before blue was the color of the blessed Virgin Mary. Whereas pink is the "little Brother" of red. Red color visually signalizes power and strength. So boys have worn pink before times changed. We combined those amazing colors to create our Boxlogo-Tee. With our designs we want to show streetwear without any gender. Feel free - Raduga Archives.


Pictures made by: @lobarevphoto

Models: Dustin Urban, Dean Thon, Marylin R., Alisa

Stylist: Janine Coldewey Art direction: by Raduga Archives @Memo

Location: RAW Gelände Berlin, Markthalle Berlin-Moabit

Kleidung: LNFA Bikini Berlin